Why use BoxMyDorm

On Demand services just for students

Summer Break is right around the corner!

It’s FINALLY time to get ready for summer. Now that you’ve studied for your last test, next step is getting out of there and off to your summer adventure!

Moving out of college each year is a stressful experience

We started BoxMyDorm to offer students and their families a less traumatic alternative to this often-overlooked problem. Our shipping and storage service alleviates the hassle and stress of moving out of college by doing the heavy lifting for you. It gives students and families a chance to travel home with more freedom and mobility. It also gives them a much more spacious and relaxing car ride or airport experience.

With BoxMyDorm you can relax and enjoy college
Parents get a chance to save their backs, wallets, and sanity too.
Getting started is easy, even if you don't know where you're living next semester. Sign up online today and get our signature box kit with supplies sent right to your campus address.

BMD Delivers:


We send a professional box kit to your campus. The kit has everything you'll need to safely ship or store your belongings, including extra strength double wall boxes, tape dispenser, bubble wrap, and a marker to label your items.

Peace of Mind

You receive automated package tracking, 24-hour customer support, and online account access for any changes or updates to your existing order. We even ensure your belongings at no extra charge to you.


We know you've already made a sizable investment in attending college, so we do our best to keep costs down. Pricing starts at just $7.50 a month to store one box and $299 for our all inclusive discount packages.