What Can I Store?

...or ship!


College Packing List and Ideas:

Deciding what to store or ship home when heading home for break? Here’s some helpful tips: Creating a college packing checklist is a great way to make sure you have a gamne plan when moving out. Below are some items to remember to pack when moving home for the break.


If you want to save space when packing remember to roll your shirts and jeans. Also you may consider using space bags to condense larger clothing items.


In one box, you can fit bed sheets, bed cover and a pillow. However, we recommend you split up your bedding and towels amongst all the boxes to evenly distribute weight.

Small Instruments

If your instrument has a hard case we can ship or store it and treat it as a "box".


Get your Herman Melville, Plato, John Grisham, and the History of Economics on! Remember to place heavy books on the bottom of the boxes and distribute evenly throughout all the boxes.

Alarm Clocks

Remember to wrap them with bubble wrap for safe passage.


We highly recommend keeping laptops in their original packaging for safe transport. But we are pretty sure you will be taking this home for the summer.


If you have a lamp most of them can be taken apart. Once you take it apart it will fit in one of our boxes and can be stored or shipped anywhere.

DVD/Blue Ray Players

We highly recommend keeping DVD players in their original packaging for safe transport. If you have an older one and do not have original packing, just make sure to pack it secure so it travels safely.


If you are living in a on or off campus residence where you share a bathroom with 3 or more people, we reccomend washing the bathmates prior to storing or shipping home. No one else needs to experience that part of college!


EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you have lying around your desk and bedroom that you want to keep for next year.


Gentlemen: store or ship home your sneakers, shoes, cleats, and sandals.
Ladies: Ship or store all the shoes in your wardrobe arsenal. We've got you covered here.

Small Sporting Goods

Ship or store your basketballs, baseball mitts, soccer balls, volleyballs, and tennis rackets. We can also ship and store your bikes, golf clubs, and surfboards, snowboards, and skies as well.


Empty your bathroom cabinets and keep it all. Well, everything except the empty tootpaste tub and empty deodorant stick.Place small items like toothbrushes and razors in plastic/toiletries bags.


We provide a poster tube with each box kit, so feel free to load as many posters as you want to individualize your room next year!

Home Printers

Most home printers will fit in our boxes. Remember to secure it so it travels safely. If the printer is too large for our boxes, keep it in its original packaging and we can sstore or ship it along with your box kit order.


We highly recommend keeping desktops in their original packaging for safe transport. If you can't you can always place them in our boxes, but please make sure to safely and securely pack it. We cannot insure an electronics item in a non-original packaged box.


Our best advice here is to keep your television in its original packaging.

Foldable Rugs

Most foldable rugs can be folded in half and placed in our boxes for transport. If it does not fit, we can send a larger specialty box or you can find one in town to use.

Shower Curtains

We suggest tossing it to the curb. You can get a new one for next year and start fresh and without the mildew.

Game Consoles

Store or ship your Xbox, PlayStations, or Wii. Just make sure to have them in their original packaging before placing them in our boxes. If you do not, please make sure to bubble wrap your game console and surround it with cushioning to ensure successful transport back and forth.