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I live in Pennsylvania, and really needed to figure out a way to store my dorm items somewhere over the summer. I began researching some local college storage and shipping companies and here are some options I found:
  • Moving companies       My parents suggested I look into a student shipping companies and possibly ship my items in May to my house and in August back to school. This option turned out to be rather expensive, and was eventually ruled out.
  • Local student storage companies       No boxes are provided for you, and I don't have a car on campus so I have no easy way to get these boxes. Also none of the shipping companies provide pick up, so I don't know how I would get my items to the facility.
  • Other door-to-door student storage companies       I found similar site to BoxMyDorm that was available to me used by UA students, but it had many hidden fees for storage. I don't like being shown that something will cost one price, and when I check out it costs another.