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With my hometown being located in New York, I needed a place to store my belongings over the summer. I had a few options:
  • Use a local college storage company       There are many located near Towson University the only problem is I have no way of getting my items there. All the storage companies are located off campus so I would need to hire a moving company, or try to convince one of my friends to take trips back and forth from campus to the storage unit. I would have to do this again at the end of summer also to get everything back to school.
  • Hire a moving company       I found some affordable moving companies near Towson, MD. I would have to hire them twice again. One time to move my stuff home and another to move my stuff back at the end of summer.
  • Have my parents make multiple trips       My parents have a small car so they would have to take the 6 hour drive at least 2 times to get my stuff back home. There is still a problem with how I would take my couch back home though, it wouldn't fit in their car or in the house.