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I live in Florida, and really needed to figure out a way to store my dorm items somewhere over the summer. I began researching some local college storage and shipping companies and here are some options I found:
  • Other national shipping and storage company       This site offer options similar to BoxMyDorm, but has limited options that didn't fit my needs. Pick up was only available on 3 days, and I wouldn't be able to have my items picked up on those days.
  • Local college storage company       Similar to problems I saw with other schools, I don't have the resources to get my items to the storage facility. I don't want to hire both a moving and storage company to store my items during the summer.
  • Moving companies       While this may work for other students, but my parents' house does not have room to hold my items from my dorm. Also this option turned out to be very expensive shipping from Massachusetts to Florida and back.