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A guide to College Storage in the Boston area.

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I'm a student living in Shields Tower, and I need somewhere to store my stuff over the summer. I researched some local college storage companies and student shipping companies. Here are some options I found:
  • College storage companies located in Boston, MA       The problem with local student storage companies was that I had no way of getting my items to the storage facility without contacting a moving company.
  • Other door-to-door college storage companies       I found a few local companies, but these offered me limited options with minimums that didn't fit my needs. One company only had 3 specific packages in which I was only able to store different size boxes. I have some dorm furniture that I need to store so these other companies would not work for me.
  • Moving companies       My parents suggested I look into a student shipping companies and possibly ship my items in May to my house and in August back to school. This option turned out to be rather expensive, and was eventually ruled out.