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Your Guide to College Storage in University City Philadelphia

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Being a student at UPenn, I have many options for summer storage. I live in Texas, and although I can bring a lot of my stuff home, most of it needs to be put into storage. These are the options I found for college storage on UPenn's website and other research:
  • Local door-to-door shipping company       They drop off a large container which I would be able to fill and they come and pick it up to be stored. The problem is I don't have boxes already to store my items in so I would have to find a way to a store to buy them. Also, I live in Warwick House and have no idea where the storage container sent to me could be placed.
  • Local student storage companies       Again no boxes are provided for you, which makes it very difficult for college students to acquire. Also none of the shipping companies provide pick up, and with me being a freshman I don't have a car on campus. I don't know anyone who does so I would have to hire a moving company to get my items to the facility