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Even though I live in state, I needed somewhere to storage my items during the summer, because I didn't have room for them in my parents house. My options were to throw away my items or find a college storage company that could hold my items for me.
  • Local door-to-door student storage service       This wouldn't work for me, because they only offered large containers to store my items in. I don't have containers or boxes to put my stuff in, so I would need a way to figure out how to get all of those. Also I don't know what I would do with the large container they send you; it's 5'x8'x7' feet. Where is that going to be placed on campus?
  • Student storage companies       The same problem exists; I have no containers or boxes. This is an added cost on top of the storage. Also I have no way to get my items from Hedrick Summit to the facility. I would have to call some type of car company and have them drive back and forth from my dorm to the student storage place, since I don't think all my items would fit in one trip.