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I'm currently a sophomore at Penn State and I needed options for student summer storage and delivery to an off campus apartment in August. Some option I found included:
  • Door-to-door storage company       This was suggested by Penn State, but had fees I didn't like. I plan on moving to an off-campus apartment and that was an additional $50. Also they only offered specific delivery days, which didn't suite my needs being that I am moving into my apartment on a different day.
  • Local storage companies       None of the companies I found offered me an easy way to get my items from school to the facility. This was a huge issue for me. I don't have a car and my parents live too far to come and help move my stuff. It was too difficult to find a friend to bring me, so I wouldn't need to hire another moving company to take my stuff just a few minutes away. These companies had time minimum that didn't fit the need of my small move.